Monday, 26 January 2015

Quick, easy, and filling - French Toast Salad!

Years ago when Jamie Oliver first hit our tv screens and kitchen bookshelves, I was very much inspired by his approach of using basic, and fresh, seasonal ingredients. This is great for when the pantry is emptying and the shopping list is extending.

Here's a dish I pulled together as a savoury pre-dinner snack for my husband, Master 5 and me one late afternoon. It's nothing extraordinary but it certainly hit the spot that day, so I thought I'd share it with you. It's a light dish that could be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, a light dinner or even a late night snack.

Pre-schoolers could certainly help out with the preparation of any of the below activities, they will love it! I've included a list of how your young helper/s could help prepare this dish. 

Try it!

day old turkish bread
baby Roma tomatoes, cut in half 
avocado, sliced
4-5 eggs, enough to coat bread 
rocket leaves, washed
salt & pepper

Practical life for a pre-schooler 'young helper' ideas
day old turkish bread - adult slices the bread into strips and young helper could slice bread into squares (with guidance)
baby Roma tomatoes, cut in half - young helper could wash, strain, pat dry with paper towel, and slice tomatoes (with guidance)
avocado, sliced - adult cuts in half, slices the avocados still in their skin and young helper could scoop out the flesh with a spoon
4-5 eggs - young helper can crack eggs, add one by one into small bowl, then add one by one to larger bowl, and mix
rocket leaves, washed - young helper can wash, strain, and pat dry
salt & pepper - young helper can season with guidance from adult

Whisk eggs, add diced up bread to eggs and coat.
In a hot frypan, add sunflower oil (or oil of your choosing) and fry eggy bread until cooked to your liking, set aside in a salad bowl.
Using the same frypan (wipe with a paper towel as needed) gently fry the roma tomatoes and add to the fried bread.
Add avocado and rocket, mix, season and serve!

How easy is that!

Hits the hunger spot!

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