Friday, 19 July 2013

Activity: sorting and ordering cutlery, fine motor skills

The children both have their own child sized cutlery sets which we bought from here.

We find their own cutlery fosters independence with eating and the practice of using the utensils instead of fingers. Following a meal or snack they are responsible for bringing their plates, cups and cutlery back to the kitchen for washing up. For my son this happens almost every time, for my daughter we are modelling and encouraging.

Each cutlery set came in its own box. The boxes live in a cupboard with our occasional-use cutlery and serving utensils which are also kept in their respective boxes.

Every so often, they pull them out and this then becomes an activity of matching and sorting. The utensils have images engraved on each piece - my son has teddy bears and my daughter has puppies.  For my daughter it is about finding the right space for the right shape, for my son, he will sort them by image as well.

My daughter decided mid-activity to put her apron on. 

Working from left to right. 


Last spoon

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