Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Good Books: World Snack Series, Amy Wilson Sanger

I've learnt an enormous amount about Asian cuisine from my husband who is Singaporean Chinese, prior to our marriage and in an ongoing way in our family life together. I've tried things I never would have tasted otherwise. I love it! My tastebuds certainly do too! 

We have wonderful little board book about Chinese food, "Yum Yum Dim Sum", which I picked up for just 50c in our son's first year. What a treat. It has rhyme, rhythm and attractive montage. The book takes the reader through a yum cha dining experience, from the rolling cart through to taking a sip of oolong tea which is cool enough to drink by the end of the book. This has been a lovely way for me to share a bit of Chinese culinary culture with our children.  

It occurred to me that there might be others in the series. A quick little search turned up six more! Needless to say I ordered some. 

Here are the ones we read often:

"Mangia Mangia" is brimming with warm Italian family food and flavour. From pasta fresca to Babbo's favourite primi and ending with gelato, of course! Gorgeous. When I ask the children which pasta they would like for dinner my son says 'pasta fresca'! Buon appetito!

"Hola Jalaopeño!" is, of course, about Mexican cuisine (which we actually don't have much of in our part of the world, unlike the USA). The montage in this one is very bright and colourful, which makes it very interesting. In this whole series, it's fascinating to see how the artist has illustrated the various foods by adapting paper cut-outs. Buritos, cheese, tacos, all make an appearance with a cold drink at the end. Adios! and enjoy!

"Chaat and Sweets". If "Hola Jalapeño!" was bright, this is brighter! Gorgeous montages of Indian samosas, rose water lassis, pani puri and cham chams. Lucky for the readers there's a pronunciation guide and descriptions of the foods on the back cover.

Sushi is the last one in our series. Adorable. My son's favourite food. We have taken up 'Sushi Tuesdays' in fact, where we make nori maki rolls together. A lovely weekly routine which we thoroughly enjoy. 

Sushi, the book, introduces the readers to take out (take away) tekka maki, miso soup, ikura and naturally wasabi! Chopsticks optional. 

I hope these books whets your appetite and curiosity! 

Enjoy with little ones!


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